Cost Competitiveness — We offer low billing rates, as compared to other engineering firms, due to an absolute minimum of overhead burden.

  • We offer fixed price contracts for specific tasks or hourly billing as required.
  • We are often much less expensive than hiring full-time, long term employees.
  • Our experienced professionals require no training.
  • Our solutions frequently end up saving our clients much more money than our fees.

Experience — We represent an extreme depth of engineering, including state-of-the-art design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing.

  • Staff members frequently confer with one another on interdisciplinary issues.
  • We lead and train client technical staff so that they become more productive.

Availability — We are ready to take on your work, when and as needed.

  • Unlike employees, who develop their technical skills and then may choose to leave for the competition or move into non-technical positions, we have been, and will continue to be, there when you need us.

In short, we can get the job done for a minimum of time and money!