Engineering Services in Support of Space Simulation Chambers and Test Equipment Operations

TES has been providing engineering support to high technology companies for over thirty five years. In the last twenty five years this work has increasingly been for projects and programs involving spacecraft, space and airborne optical systems, optical and electro-optical systems, cryogenic refrigeration systems, thermal/vacuum chambers and concomitant cryogenic & vacuum pumping facilities. Our Customers include NASA JSC, NASA GSFC, and Lockheed Martin.

  Concept & Specification Development

  Cryogenic Pumping Systems – Design, Specification, Layout

  Cryogenic and Vacuum Systems Design & Piping Layout

  Integrated Evaluation – Thermal/Structural/Optical (Vibration)

  Bid Review

  Performance testing

Getting Analysis and Test to Agree

Prediction of Test Results

Evaluation of Performance Verification testing

  Equipment Upgrade & Trade Studies

  Thermal control

Active systems – GN2, LN2, GHe

Passive methods – Multi-layer Insulation  & Surface Emissivity

Molecular Conduction & Continuum Convection

  Vibration Isolation Design

  Chamber & Cryogen Storage Structural Certification

  Project Engineering

TES is an independent engineering firm with Registered Engineers in a number of States. Although we have worked for most of the equipment suppliers, we can be counted on to provide you with independent engineering services that focus on your best interests.